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I wanted to start this thread to get an idea of how people in the industry feel about hiring people with criminal backgrounds. I'd really like to think that when I actualize the dream of becoming a contractor, I'll give people the benefit of the doubt and a second chance, but I'm pretty altruistic, maybe more than many. I suppose it would depend on the crime. I wouldn't hire a man with a history of violent behavior, beating up his wife, hurting people, sex crimes, etc. I can never respect someone like that. I'd pass on the whole second chance thing if one look at a background check makes me say wow, psychopath. I'd be much more inclined to give someone in recovery from addiction a second chance, as lord knows I've had my own struggles with such issues. I've made my mistakes. Most of my record is sealed, but in interviews I still have to explain an MIP (minor in possession of alcohol) and a DUI. My policy is to be honest and forthcoming, and to assure them that the issue has been resolved and will not be a problem. What experiences/policies do you have surrounding hiring people with backgrounds?
Category: Painter Post By: SALLY NEWMAN (New Braunfels, TX), 07/11/2019

Im not overly concerned about criminal history that much, but Im VERY leary of people who have done actual prison time. You have to worry about getting stabbed if you do something wrong to them. As long as people act normal, and I feel comfortable introducing them the homeowners, its all good. There are tax breaks you can get by hiring the 'unhireable.' I had a buddy who had done time for meth, and he found Jesus, and straightened up and started his own business, and since he is really good at dealing with similar types, and really tries to help them get back on their feet, he hires ex-cons almost exclusively, and I think he gets several thousand in tax breaks for each one he hires. Im not good at dealing with them, myself, so I try not to.

- KATHERINE ROGERS (Mount Pleasant, SC), 08/23/2019

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