Forum Title: Armorseal Rexthane I Epoxy... good or bad?
I'm used to exterior painting and have been moving towards flooring recently. I use Acryla-Deck for pool decks and have recently had one of my customers reach back to me to do his commercial warehouse. He makes beef jerkey and wants something USDA suitable, which is how I found Rexthane I I see it's a one part high solid moisture cure urethane that can be tinted. To me this means, it's the only product I need to do a warehouse floor... or garage. From what I've read it is glossy like a clear coat and able to withstand some abuse (jet fuel, chemicals, etc) But I've recently read that Rexthane will require several coats and that I have to skuff up the coats before new coats are applied... which I don't see in their application bulletin anywhere I've also read that moisture cured urethane's are hard to work with. So what I'm wondering is: 1) Is this a single product solution to flooring (as shown in product information under Concrete-Smooth) 2) How crazy/hard is this stuff to put down? I'm assuming no different than the garages we do or pool decks. 3) Do I need a clear top coat over this or is this going to be glossy when completed? 4)I see these stats: Recommended Spreading Rate per coat: Minimum Maximum Wet mils (microns) 3.0 (75) 4.5 (112) Dry mils (microns) 2.0 (50) 3.0 (75) ~Coverage sq ft/gal (m2/L) 358 (8.8) 537 (13.1) Theoretical coverage sq ft/gal (m2/L) @ 1 mil / 25 microns dft 1072 (26.3) WHAT is the actual coverage lol? If I'm using a roller I doubt I will ever achieve 1 mil nor would I desire that thin of a coating.... so I'm guessing this means I'll be closer to 358 sq ft per gallon?
Category: Painter Post By: TINA SULLIVAN (Escondido, CA), 07/04/2019

I know you're able to tint it but I never have. We've always used it as a clear topcoat for garage floors on top of SW tileclad and it's worked perfect for that. It's real easy to apply and I'd say 400-500sqft a gallon is about right. I've also never applied on anything exterior so I can't tell you how it would hold up on a pool deck, only that I couldn't see myself using it for that application. One word of warning is that it has a nasty strong odor that likes to linger. Otherwise it's a great product for what I use it for. Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk

- WILMA VEGA (Kansas City, KS), 08/01/2019

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